Design Process

1. Design Consultation & Estimate

In order to begin the design of your project, information and ideas that you have collected need to be exchanged. This is achieved by meeting in person and/or exchanging ideas via email. Once we have had a chance to determine the scope of work for your project, we provide you with an estimate for the design work.

2. Down Payment

Based on the estimate provided, a 50 % deposit will be required in order to get the project started.

3. Conceptual Plans

Based on the information that you have provided, and the ideas that we have discussed, we will create floor plans and necessary exterior elevations in order to help you visualize the design. The images are sent as easy to read PDFs to enable you to review the design.

4. Changes

Once you have had a chance to analyze the Conceptual Plans, will proceed with any required changes. This is crucial step in the process, as we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the overall design.

5. Approval

After the Conceptual ideas have been modified to suit your needs and you are satisfied with the changes, we request your approval to complete the remainder of the drawings.

6. Drawing Progress

As the design progresses, we will submit ongoing drawings to you. We want to keep you up to date and ensure that you are satisfied with elevations, roof lines, interior layouts, window placement, etc. We will make any changes according to your request.

7. Completion

Once the drawings are complete, a final payment will be required, and the plans will be delivered to you via email. At this time arrangements will also be made for you to collect paper copies of the plans.