New Dwellings and Living Space

$1.50 per square foot for standard wood framed construction on concrete foundation. Please contact us regarding alternative and hybrid designs (timber frame, SIPs, strawbale, rammed earth, etc.)

Attached Garage, Covered Decks and Porches

$0.80 per square foot of floor area

Open Decks

$0.60 per square foot of deck area

Accessory Buildings

$0.80 per square foot of floor area

Additions and Remodeling

$2.50 per square foot to design newly added space. $2.00 per square foot to remodel any existing space affected by the addition. The design area is based on the total designed above grade ‘floor area’ including cantilevers and projections. Our hourly rate is $85.00 for additional details and design work.


  • All pricing is in Canadian Dollars.
  • All pricing subject to applicable taxes and shipping charges.

Basic Drawing Package Service

A basic package includes a preliminary design and consultation time of 45 minutes per 100 square feet of design area. This is applied to time spent up to the approval of preliminary Floor Plan and Exterior Elevation concepts. Our hourly rate will be added to the fees listed above if:

  • More time is required to work on the preliminary layouts
  • Substantial changes are requested once drawings have been established

Six sets of paper prints are supplied with each Basic Drawing Package, which include the following:

  • Site Plan/Roof Plan
  • Elevations from 4 sides
  • Floor Plans
  • Foundation Plan with cross section details
  • Building Sections & details with material specifications

All drawings are Two dimensional ‘construction ready’ drawings. The cost for a Structural Engineer’s seal (Province of Manitoba) on the Foundation Plan starts at $500 and depends on the complexity and size of the building. All plans are designed conform to current Canadian and Manitoba building codes. Please inform us of any additional requirements for your area.